Cabbage Soup Diet: A Healthy and Effective Diet or Dangerous?

Today there are so many diets available on the market that you can’t see the forest for the trees. That’s not surprising because you can come up with a diet for everything.

You are quite likely to lose weight because you generally eat less than you did before. But that does not make a diet effective immediately.

One example of all these diets is the cabbage soup diet. The cabbage soup diet is, as you probably guessed, a diet where you only eat soup that consists mainly of cabbage. But how healthy is this diet? You will learn that in this article.

What is the cabbage soup diet?

The cabbage soup diet, as the name suggests, is a diet consisting of cabbage soup.

This diet is recommended by people to lose weight in a very fast way. Originally, it was mainly recommended for heart patients to lose weight quickly so that the risk of heart complaints decreased.

Unfortunately, there is little scientific support to be found about this diet, but what we can in any case conclude is that it is a low-calorie diet.

The soup consists largely of:




As you can probably already see, these are very low-calorie products. This is simply called a crash diet.

The diet is characterized by eating little fat. It is automatically indicated that you eat a lot of fiber because the diet consists mainly of cabbage and other vegetables. the days are also supplemented with fruit, which also contains hardly any calories.

You are not supposed to follow this diet for longer than 7 days. This actually indicates how unhealthy this diet is, but I will come to that later.

What is the recipe for the cabbage soup diet?

The cabbage soup mainly consists of vegetables and water. Below is a recipe for cabbage soup:

6 onions

2 tomatoes

1 large white cabbage

2 green peppers

4 carrots

3 stock cubes (vegetables/garden herbs)

Pepper, salt, and Tabasco

You can add spices to your taste

You cut all vegetables into pieces. You then put this in a large pan and top it up with water. You cook this whole for 10 minutes. Then you lower the heat and wait until the vegetables are cooked.

This soup can be eaten during the day. You can decide how often and how much since the soup contains hardly any calories. In addition to this soup, you may eat other products of this diet for 7 days. I list them below:

Day 1: Besides the soup, you can eat fruit during the day. This may be any fruit, except bananas. In addition, it is important that you drink enough water every day of the week. Think of 6 to 8 glasses of water.

Day 2: This day you can eat other vegetables in addition to the soup. Fresh or canned does not matter. Ideally, you eat as many leafy vegetables as possible and as few dried beans, peas, or corn as possible. You may not eat fruit this day. During dinner, you can eat a boiled potato with skin. Believe me, this feels like a present.

Day 3:  This day you eat as much soup, fruits, and vegetables as possible. The potato in the evening, unfortunately, falls away again. They guarantee you to lose 2.5 to 3 kg of body weight by day 3.

Day 4: On this day you can finally eat bananas again. And that’s not one or two, no, there are no fewer than eight. Yes, you read that correctly, eight bananas in a day. You can also drink low-fat milk. And all this, of course, in addition to the cabbage soup that you just keep eating/drinking.

Day 5: This is finally starting to look a bit like a normal day again. Here you can eat beef, chicken or fish in addition to your portion of soup and vegetables. And then you are supposed to eat 300 to 450 grams of meat or fish.

Day 6: This day is actually the same as day 5. You can now only eat as much meat or fish as you want. Do you want to eat 3 large steaks? Then this is possible.

Day 7: Last but not least, finally a day where you can eat brown rice, drink unsweetened fruit juice (with an emphasis on unsweetened, as if fruit juice does not contain loads of sugar on its own), and continue to eat your portion of vegetables.

On day 8 you are promised that you have achieved a weight loss of about 5 to 8 kg.

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