The Nutrisystem Diet – Helping People Lose Weight through Diet System

Several studies have shown that obesity and depression are linked. People with excess weight can experience depression. This is because they suffer from low self-esteem and have a hard time being accepted by people around them. People suffering from obesity have a 20% greater chance of being depressed. Also, it has been noted that females, and those of low socioeconomic status, are more likely to feel depressed if they are overweight. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that depression and obesity are connected in a way.

The Nutrisystem Diet –

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Similarly, depression can lead to obesity. This is because depression creates a hormonal setting that favors weight gain. Moreover, depressed individuals have difficulty following a fitness program. Their negative thoughts do not support the achievement of their goals.

For long, people with weight problems have been the butt of many jokes and a source of amusement for people around them. At the same time, they have to bear the discriminatory attitude of airlines, restaurants and other businesses in the services sector. In addition to their social issues, they also have to deal with major health problems like diabetes, heart problems and chronic joint pain. The mental and physical pain combine to make obese people feel isolated and with no recourse for venting their frustration. In other words, there are few reasons for them not to feel depressed.

Sarah double victory over depression and obesity

However, there have been people who have braved through obesity and depression and overcome both conditions. It has taken some effort on their part, but they dealt with everything that came their way and reached the end goal. One such example is of Sarah. Sarah came to mental therapist Marina Williams some time back. At that time, Sarah had been diagnosed with morbid obesity. Her doctor had clearly stated that if she didn’t lose weight, she would develop major health problems as well as lose her mobility.

Sarah put up valiant attempts to lose weight, but none of them worked. She cut down her appetite and worked out and yet the weight didn’t come off. It is only natural to assume that she was very depressed, which is why she visited Marina Williams. It was quite clear to the therapist that Sarah hated herself. Sarah felt that hating herself was the only way she could lose weight. Marina then decided to apply the Rogerian Hypothesis which advocates that people will solve their problem if they feel loved and accepted. Marina focused on getting Sarah to love herself and that too unconditionally.

During their sessions, as Sarah gradually started to trust her therapist, she started looking at herself in a positive light. She learned to love and accept herself. It was only a matter of time before her depression was gone. Once the depression was out, weight loss became possible. Sarah followed the same techniques she was using before; the only difference was that this time they worked.

The Nutrisystem Diet

Nutrisystem is a diet program that helps you lose weight safely and easily. Most importantly, it helps you keep the weight off once you have lost it. If you are seeking a weight loss program that enables you to lose weight through love and acceptance, Nutrisystem is the best option for you. Signing up is free and you can find coupons and vouchers to save money on the Nutrisystem Diet Plan or program in So it is a win-win proposition for you.

Nutrisystem Diet is one of the foremost weight loss programs available to you today. Through personalized meals plans and proper guidance, Nutrisystem has been helping overweight people get into shape for 40 years now. If you are depressed about your condition and finding it hard to lose weight, try Nutrisystem right away. Nutrisystem focuses on helping and guiding people towards healthy weight loss. All the support you need is provided.